We Fixed the California Drought Problem

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I hate to sound immodest, but our family has (possibly with the help of others) fixed the California drought problem.

Record Breaking Rain, Fortuna California
By the end of February, the Fortuna area had almost broken the 10 year record for rainfall.

Over the past few years, each time we suffered through record-breaking, torrential downpours in Texas, we joked that California should hire us to fix their water problem. This year, as soon as we hit the West Coast, each place we visited received "unusually wet and cold" rainy seasons that have lasted "much longer than normal".

Below are some of the delightful weather conditions we've experienced in the past few weeks.

You're welcome, California...

Endless rain
Gale watch, Fortuna California
Significant Weather Advisory, Fortuna California
Small Craft Advisory, Fortuna California
Some of the weather has just been weird, like the ground cloud below...I felt like I was in the Never Ending Story and "The Nothing" was coming.
Strange Weather, Fortuna California

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