“A Dirty Job” Got Me Hooked On Christopher Moore

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A Dirty Job A Dirty Job is the book that made me fall in love with Christopher Moore. I have read/listened to other books of his, but this one got me hooked.

I recommend the Audio Book Version, specifically, because they worked in funky music that adds a ton to the experience.

The basic plot is: A second hand store owner loses his wife in childbirth, raises his new daughter, and unexpectedly becomes Death.

Definitely on my recommended list.



2 thoughts on ““A Dirty Job” Got Me Hooked On Christopher Moore”

  1. This book has done terrible things to me !!!!
    Couldn’t put it down and instead of sleeping,
    spent two whole nights reading !
    Laughed out loud many times,
    my God, this thing actually rhymes.

    Poetry by Helene Pumpernickel

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