My New “Happy Place” on San Juan Island in Washington

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beach shack with view

My new Happy Place is a tiny shack (or as my dad would say, "shanty"), overlooking the rocky shore at Ed's parents' property on San Juan Island, Washington.

It isn't much to look at from the outside...(yet!)

But the inside is much cozier than you would think.

beach shack

Helga painted a lovely lobster on the table and brightened the wall with a beautiful school of fish.

lobster painted table
Painted fish

Her friends have added items they found on the beach and fixed things up as well.

beach shack
Beach shack

This weekend, I spent an absolutely joyous few hours, uncovering, cleaning, and "grouping like items together". Those who know me, understand that this is THE most relaxing past-time for me. I was in hog heaven!

kitchen items
beach shack
Beach shack
beach shack panoramic

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