This RV Park is So Windy…

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We are spending this week at an RV park outside of Sioux City, South Dakota. I know it isn’t the park’s fault, or South Dakota’s fault, but right now, I associate both with being unbelievably windy.

26 mph wind may not sound like much, but it’s a different story if you are towing a 44 foot RV. It is way harder to set up camp, and hanging out in our largest living space (the outdoors) is much less pleasant. :-/

To help me cope, I set up a chair under the front hitch so the RV blocked the wind and thought up the “It Is So Windy…” blurbs below.

It is so windy…I just saw a bird get blown backwards while he was flying. Seriously, I swear I heard him go “wha wha woah” and flap his wings furiously to steady himself.

Then, he fluttered down to a tree and asked his buddy, “did you see that? I almost blew away! This park is WINDY!”

It is so windy…the bag in our outdoor trash can flipped inside out. I had thought ahead to secure the trash can and bag to the RV with a bungee cord, but the darned wind managed to turn the thing inside out like it had grown a large, throbbing mushroom.

It was so windy…On our way from Kansas to South Dakota, it felt like we were blown to a dustier, windier OZ.

But, instead of a yellow brick road, there is a dried up corn field next to a roaring highway. And instead of a wizard and dancing munchkins, there is a giant statue of Yogi Bear.

We’re just glad the RV isn’t sideways to the wind…

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