A Couple of HOT Weeks in Palisade, Colorado

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We stayed at a new RV park near Grand Rapids, surrounded by mountain peaks and wineries. Absolutely amazing, but we hardly saw any of it. :-/

As a kid, I spent my summers in Tempe, Arizona. Not only did the heat not bother me, but I loved the hot temps and invigorating sunlight. I spent all day outside; playing in the pool, walking to the library, and sitting outside doing whatever. My dad started keeping a pummus stone by the door, which I was supposed to use to scrape the melted asphalt from my bare feet before going inside.

Then, I grew up, got a job, and hit the road in an RV…Now, the heat is a problem. Most of the time, we can get by with pulling down all the shades and making use of the ginormous AC in the back. We use a floor fan on a bucket to direct the cold air into the main room/kitchen. Our bedroom gets whatever is left over.

But, in Palisade, there was nothing we could do. By 3:30, the RV became unbearable, and I was making do outside in a sparse piece of awning shade with one fan for my lap top and one fan for me.

Maybe we can return one day at a cooler time of year.



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