The Floating RV in Friday Harbor, Washington

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Harvey, the RV, is currently in storage in Colorado, while we go to Friday Harbor, Washington.

After three days of driving, a 3 hour wait at the ferry terminal, and an obnoxiously long ferry ride, we finally arrived on San Juan Island.

We pulled into the marina, spied the boat that we will call home for the next three weeks, and Edison said, “oh! It is like a floating RV!”

Staying on a boat in a marina isn’t all that different from staying in an RV in a campground. Everyone is friendly and used to sharing communal spaces. When I wave (which I always do), most folks wave back.

But, there aren’t as many people in the marina. Most of the boat owners don’t actually live on their vessels, and there are fewer opportunities to bump into folks. This is nice because there are fewer interruptions, but you don’t get to hear as many stories. :-/

I am loving it though. This has to be the most peaceful “office” I have ever had and I am sleeping like a log.



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